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Integration of VisionFund Tanzania's Core Banking System with GAFco

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VisionFund Tanzania faced the challenge of integrating their core banking system, Temenos T24, with GAFco. The challenge lay in ensuring smooth data exchange and functionality between these two systems, while maintaining operational efficiency and reliability.


Our company devised a robust solution to address VisionFund Tanzania's integration needs. Our approach included:

  • Requirements Analysis: We conducted a thorough analysis of VisionFund Tanzania's integration requirements, identifying key data exchange points and functional requirements essential for seamless integration.
  • Customized Takeover Tool: To facilitate data loading into GAFco, we developed a customized takeover tool. This tool allowed for the parametrization and loading of data from Temenos T24 into GAFco, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the integration process.
  • Temenos T24 Developments: We developed comprehensive enhancements within Temenos T24 to handle various types of data and transactions, ensuring compatibility and seamless interaction with GAFco.
  • Integration with SMS Notification Module: Leveraging our expertise in system integration, we linked the newly developed functionalities with VisionFund Tanzania's existing SMS notification module. This integration enabled automated notifications to stakeholders, enhancing communication and operational efficiency.


The integration of Temenos T24 with GAFco brought several benefits to VisionFund Tanzania:

  • Enhanced Data Management: The customized takeover tool and Temenos T24 developments facilitated efficient data loading and management, reducing manual effort and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Seamless integration with GAFco and the SMS notification module streamlined operations for VisionFund Tanzania, enabling automated processes and enhancing productivity.
  • Greater Functionality: The comprehensive developments within Temenos T24 expanded the system's capabilities, allowing VisionFund Tanzania to handle diverse types of data and transactions effectively.


Our successful integration of VisionFund Tanzania's core banking system, Temenos T24, with GAFco underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. By leveraging our expertise in requirements analysis, software development, and system integration, we enabled VisionFund Tanzania to achieve seamless data exchange and functionality with GAFco, empowering them to operate more efficiently and effectively in their financial endeavors.

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