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Integration of National Bank of Vanuatu with National Payment System


The National Bank of Vanuatu sought seamless integration with the National Payment System (NPS) of Vanuatu to enhance operational efficiency and better serve its customers. However, the integration posed several challenges, including disparate systems and complex transaction flows.


Leveraging our expertise in financial technology, we employed a robust integration approach with Temenos T24 and our innovative low-code platform. By harnessing the power of Temenos T24 and Sysbu's low-code versatility, we facilitated the seamless exchange of transactions between the National Bank of Vanuatu's core banking system and the NPS.


  • Temenos T24 Integration: We leveraged our in-depth knowledge of core banking system Temenos T24 to seamlessly integrate it with our low-code platform. This integration allowed for the smooth processing of transactions within the National Bank of Vanuatu's core banking system.
  • Middleware: Acting as a middleware between the NPS and Temenos T24, the platform efficiently managed incoming and outgoing transactions. Through meticulously designed process workflows tailored to specific message types, Sysbu's low-code platform ensured the accurate routing and processing of transactions, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • User Interface: Sysbu provided a user-friendly interface for bank personnel to manage critical decisions, execute manual actions, and monitor transactional activities. Users can easily access relevant information, receive real-time notifications on important events, and generate comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The seamless integration between Temenos T24 and Sysbu's low-code platform streamlined transaction processing, reducing manual efforts and operational errors.
  • Improved Decision-Making: With an intuitive user interface tailored by the low-code platform, alongside its integrated Business Process Management Workflow and real-time notifications, users could make informed decisions promptly, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Sysbu's platform robust reporting capabilities enabled the National Bank of Vanuatu to gain valuable insights into transactional activities, facilitating strategic planning and regulatory compliance.


Through our innovative integration solution, the National Bank of Vanuatu successfully integrated with the National Payment System, positioning itself for greater operational agility and customer satisfaction. By harnessing the combined power of Temenos T24 and Sysbu, we enabled the National Bank of Vanuatu to thrive in an increasingly dynamic financial landscape.

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