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What we offer for businesses

We build scalable software to run your entire business

As a trusted digital partner, we work together with our clients to plan and build software optimized for their specific needs that provides true and sustainable value.

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We build user-friendly and easy to use solutions so you can focus on running your business without worrying about managing data from different sources.

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Our team specializes in building apps that are fast, secure and flexible. With our help, you can make sure that your digital transformation is accelerated and future-proof.

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We work closely with our clients to understand their business problems and needs in order to create an application that aligns with the overall strategy of their business.

Why trust the development in our hands?

We deliver enterprise-grade solutions at high speed
using low-code

Developing quickly and easily with Drag-and-Drop functionality

We create robust applications without the need to write code. Our innovative approach revolves around an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, empowering our team to easily build a wide array of elements for applications, including but not limited to forms, data models, dashboards, and various other components.

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Speedy developing with Business Process Management

Quickly modeling and deploying complex workflows and processes across multiple systems, applications, and data sources. Sysbu's low-code platform provides a visual interface for designing, building, and deploying automated business processes, without the need for extensive code.

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Deploying applications swiftly with just one click

Effortlessly deploy and manage applications without having to worry about manual configuration or security concerns. The most recent secure version of the application is always accessible to you, and the risk of errors is reduced through thoroughly tested and approved changes. This will give you the assurance that your applications are always up-to-date and secure.

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Companies worldwide trust us

Andrew BealeHead of Projects at RJB Systems

"With Sysbu we turn ‘dull’ KPIs from an existing daily process reports into beautiful charts showing trends over time. Our clients love the new visuals and we can see where proactive actions are needed. Building the site ourselves was easy - we are excited to think how Sysbu can help us elsewhere in our business."

Les BlytheMarketer at IBM

“Working with the team at Sysbu was an absolute pleasure. They have a fantastic product with huge potential. Communication was first class and any questions I had were answered immediately. Their brief left me in no doubt about what to do to deliver an outstanding result. Highly recommended should you have the opportunity to work with Sysbu."

Ralph MeelhuysemProduct Manager Payments at RABOBANK

“We worked with Reconwizz team to implement the solution at our partner bank in Malawi. Reconwizz made it possible to greatly improve the efficiency of the reconciliation process and give more insights in the accounts used by our digital channels. Reconwizz also helped a lot in the way of thinking about our processes; while implementing in the application we have made several important changes in our front and back office processes that improved the operational efficiency of our customer services as well.”

Carlos De la OssaCTO & COO OICCF

"Over the years it was very profitable for us to work with Sysbu in the implementation of our banking core, as well as in support in the operation of the system and especially in the development of new features that allowed us to reach more customers and offer better solutions to our Colombian customers. In spite of the schedule differences we always find in Sysbu a very valuable ally to support with technology the successful achievement of our company's goals. Thank you very much to all the people of Sysbu!"


"I’ve been working with Sysbu for more than 19 years, on different projects: T24 implementation and customization, systems interface development or new applications development. Sysbu team never disappointed. Always delivered as per requirements, ensured timely support and maintenance. They are reliable, flexible and always responsive."

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